Building Creative Strategies For Your Business Goals

No matter your industry, the business landscape is constantly evolving. As opportunities and disputes challenge your business, a dedicated attorney can keep your plans and operations on track.

Based in Los Angeles, the Ryu Law Firm supports a variety of businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. The firm’s lead attorney, Francis Ryu, has a track record of successfully achieving clients’ goals.

Highly Experienced In Finance And Business Law

Mr. Ryu has previously worked as an investment banker, which reflects his depth of forensic accounting and financial knowledge. He is fluent in both English and Korean, and he has experience with international business matters.

In addition, he is an active member of the legal community – including by formerly serving as president of The State Bar of California’s Young Lawyers’ Association and the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Barristers. Mr. Ryu often leads seminars for business professionals and fellow lawyers.

Dedicated To Your Success

The firm offers critical financial and business-related legal services, including:

Even in cases in which an agreement is only based on a handshake, Mr. Ryu can advocate for you. He is skilled in resolving complex business disputes and challenges, including those that involve foreign entanglements.

Reduce The Element Of Surprise

Whether you are negotiating an agreement or preparing to enter a market, any surprises could completely negate your business strategy. From the beginning of your case, you should fully understand the relevant risks and potential outcomes from a legal and financial perspective.

Working with an experienced attorney can help you foresee possible issues and address them early in the process. Mr. Ryu will keep you informed so that you can make the best possible decisions moving forward.

Consult With Mr. Ryu Directly

As a firm with a sole attorney, the Ryu Law Firm ensures that your lawyer will remain constant throughout each case. Mr. Ryu will take the time and effort to learn the intricacies of your business – whether to fulfill one legal need or several. Call (323) 486-0622 or email the firm for a consultation.